Security features

Access Security

  • Username: Configurable Strength, Separate Username for each channel.
  • Password: Configurable strength and lifetime, separate login and transaction passwords, OTP
  • Device Authentication: Device ID coupling with password or username. PKI certificate compatible

Communication Security

  • X.509 Certificate/SSL based authentication
  • HTTPS, 3DES support

Storage Security

  • Internal Data: Passwords, PINs, transaction passwords, log-in information, etc. MD5 One Way Hash
  • 3rd Party Data: SHA-256 with PEB or PEB with MD5 and 3DES
  • HSM Compatible

Attack Prevention

  • The system is built to defend itself from Cross Scripting, SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, DOS and DDOS attacks.

Set-up and Infrastructure

  • Constitutes all hardware and communication devices. The arttha team has extensive experience and can guide clients to create highly secure environments.

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